Dr. SonJa Fontana FNP


Sonja began at the grass roots of nursing and has challenged herself at each educational level to remain true to the foundational principals of nursing: Patient care, support, understanding and diagnosis. Dr. Fontana FNP understands the challenges and demands at all levels of care because she has experienced them over time. She began her journey to holistic medicine and wellness in 1983 as an LVN, continued working and received her BSN, PHN from Cal State University-Fresno in 1996 and a Master’s Degree in Nurse Practictioning in 2000. The terminal degree of DNP, Doctor of Nurse Practitioning was earned from The University of San Francisco in 2012.  

Dr. Fontana FNP sees beyond symptoms, to causes and beyond treatment of illness to genuinely caring for the whole person. The flat hierarchy leadership model she embraces stems from her roots in medical experience and from the understanding and deep belief that when you empower those with whom you work, and collaborate as a team great things happen for patients, for wellness, for the clinic and the community. Her vision of Wellness extends beyond the confines of Oakview Medical Group to rural communites around Visalia.

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