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Payment Policy

March 1, 2011 

To Our Valued Customers


This office will continue to bill your insurance company for eligible services, as a courtesy to you, our patients. Costs to bill these claims have risen dramatically and Insurance Companies are becoming increasingly slower in reimbursements. We are making every effort to keep costs contained.


Although ultimately the financial obligation is yours, the patient, we do want to continue this service for you. So we ask:


1.   Any change of demographics (e.g. Insurance Company, home address, phone number, etc.) be given to the office immediately. It is your responsibility to make certain we have all correct and current information.

2.   Every co-payment is made at the time of service.

3.   Any service not eligible for insurance coverage must be paid at the time of service.

4.   After a returned check, all services must be paid on a cash only basis.

5.   A 24-hour notice is necessary for canceling appointments or a $25.00 fee will be added to the patient’s account.


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